​30 minute ​Yoga ​Class ​for Back Pain Relief with Special guest Shima Flow Yoga

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Back Pain Relief

Today we have a special guest on Yoga with Dr. Melissa West, Jodi from Shima Flow Yoga. Jodi is going to take us through a 28 minute yoga practice with poses to relieve lower back pain. Lower back pain affects millions of people every day and can be caused by many things including, sitting for long periods of time, tightness in your hips and/or hamstrings or not stretching after your workouts.

This practice will take you through several poses to open your hips, stretch your hamstrings and relieve tension in your lower back and spine. Do this video 2-3 times a week and you are sure to see a decrease in back pain!

​Maybe you sit for long periods at a time because of a desk job or commuting back and forth from work and this contributes to your low back pain. Maybe you work out and you don’t stretch after you work out and this contributes to your low back pain. ​​​Did you know that tightness in your low back is often caused by tightness in your hips?

Jodi begins this sequence with a centering in reclined baddha konasana or reclined bound angle pose to help you come into your center, find your breath and bring relaxation to your inner thighs and hips. From there she brings the knees into the chest for knees to chest pose and a nice stretch in the low back. The next pose brings you into those tight hamstrings with hand to big toe pose or suptapadangusthasana which is known to help with low back pain. Afterwards Jodi brings you into cat pose or marjaryasana to release your spine. From there you will come into head beyond knee pose or janu sirsasana, with modifications given. This pose is known to stretch the spine.​ Following cat pose you will come into lunge pose or anjaneyasana ​ and variations ​to release your hips. Modifications are given for knee issues. This pose not only releases tension in your hips but also relieves low back pain. ​ Pigeon pose is offered with the support of a block for tight hips or movement of your front leg to make the pose more challenging. ​Squat pose is offered with a props, this pose offers a deep stretch for your low back. From squat pose you will move into standing forward fold or uttasana offering some modifications with bent knees. From there you will come to the ground to release your spine in reclined twist or jathara parivartasana both with dynamic movement and then a longer hold as well. You will finish your yoga class for back pain with savasana or corpse pose.

Throughout the practice Jodi reminds you that it is not about what the poses look like, but what the poses feel like in your body. What matters is that you are feeling the pose in your body. It is also important not to compare ourselves to anybody else when we are in a yoga posture. Each body is different. Remember with video you can always press pause and stay in the poses for as long as you like. Jodi encourages you to challenge yourself in throughout this class.

Jodi offers some great tips for back pain like remembering to move. The less we move the more pain we can experience so Jodi reminds us to keep moving throughout the day.

​Yoga Poses or Asanas: Reclined Bound Angle Pose, ​Knees to chest pose or Apanasana, hand to big toe pose or suptapandagusthasana, marjaryasana or cat pose, lunge pose or anjaneyasana, janu sirsasana or head beyond knee pose, pigeon pose or eka pada rajakapotasana, squat pose or malasana, standing forward fold or uttasana, reclined twist or jathara parivartanasana, savasana or corpse pose

Props Needed: Yoga Strap​, block, blanket


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