The top 10 reasons to stay hydrated

by Melissa West on

This week the temperatures here have been well into the 40s C, that’s around 105 F. In these extreme temperatures it is incredibly important to stay hydrated.

The-top-10-reasons-to-stay-hydratedWhen you are hydrated

  1. your joints are more fluid and mobile
  2. your muscles are more able to integrate proper timing
  3. chronic pain decreases
  4. your lymphatic system which is a major part of your immune response is enhanced
  5. your liver function increases and overall detoxification improves
  6. your large intestine can function more efficiently at eliminating waste from your body
  7. you will avoid headaches, fatigue, bloating, sugar cravings, and binge eating
  8. your skin will look better: not only will you have less wrinkles, but you will also have less acne as well and you will slow the signs of aging
  9. hydration allows your cells to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste
  10. your nerves will more easily transmit and receive information

For proper hydration you are supposed to drink half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces each day. That means a 140 pound woman should be drinking 70 ounces of water a day. That’s almost 9 glasses of water.

This doesn’t take into account dehydration from extreme heat, exercise or medications.

I start every day when I wake in the morning with 1 liter of water starting at 6 am. I make sure I’ve consumed 1 liter of water before I have my first juice of the morning usually around 8 am and then I have my breakfast at around 9 am.

Here are some fun things I add to my water for flavour and for their health benefits. Sometimes I will juice some ginger at the beginning of the day and add that to my water bottled throughout the day. Ginger is great for your gastro-intestinal system, for nausea, digestion, it is an anti-inflammatory, and it boosts your immune system.

Keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor, just a Ph.D. I highly recommend you checking this out with your naturopathic doctor. I recently also started adding Lilly of the desert Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula to my water too. I will add 1-2 tbsp to help me deal with the digestive issues and nausea that go along with migraines. Aloe is said to improve absorption, support a healthy immune system and reduce toxic nitrate levels in your body. This formula also includes peppermint leaf, chamomile leaf, ginger root, slippery elm bark and fennel seed. Peppermint leaf enhances digestion by balancing stomach acidity and promoting regular elimination. Chamomile Leaf is useful for supporting a healthy appetite. Ginger root aids in cleansing, digestion and nausea. Slippery elm bark soothes the mucous membranes of the stomach, bowels and urinary tract. And finally fennel seed is helpful for stomach acid balance and aiding in digestion discomfort.


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