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The Guru Mantra

Free-Yoga-Video---Namaste-Yoga-233The second class in our yoga stories series is the guru mantra. This mantra also focuses on the Hindu God’s Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Today we will focus on how these gurus of creation, preservation and destruction show up in all areas of our lives. We will reflect back on our own experiences as see how each challenge in our life is an opportunity to learn.

Today’s yoga class will explore mantra and pranayama/breath practice as an opportunity to explore the gurus Braham, Vishnu and Shiva (creation, preservation and destruction). We will also explore these aspects through sun salutation/surya namaskar (creation), reclined hero pose/supta virasana (preservation) and poses for letting go (destruction).

This mantra is found in the Guru Gita.

gurur brahma gurur visnu

gurur devo mahesvara

guruh saksat parambrahma

tasmai sri gurave namah


The guru is Brahma, The guru is Vishnu

The Guru is Shiva (Devo Mahesvara)

The guru is nearby and the guru is everywhere

To the guru I offer, all that I AM.

So again this week we return to the triumvirate of the Hindu pantheon, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Gods of creation, preservation and destruction.

This mantra tells us that there is something that is beyond the beyond (parambrahma) – indescribable to which we are all intimately connected. Even though this thing that is indescribable and beyond our grasp, we can also find this force within everything that is near to us (saksat).

In reality the guru shows up in our lives in every form imaginable. Everything becomes an opportunity to learn. Every encounter and experience becomes a teacher. You may find one official teacher who leads you down your spiritual path, but in truth, if you are open and aware, you have a guru present at every moment of your life.

Every time you come up against a challenge in our life, you can be curious about what form of the guru is present and at work in your life. In every single moment there is an opportunity to learn and grow from the guru Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva.

Reflect back on your week, what stands out for you? Where were you at an edge this week, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. spiritually? What guru was present and at work in your life? Brahma, the god of creation? Vishnu the god of preservation? Shiva the god of destruction? Knowing which guru was present in your life, does that provide any insight or wisdom to the challenge you were going through this week? Can you see the lessons that were at work in your life?

Resource: Sacred Sound by Alanna Kaivalya

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