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Manifesting through Yoga

Yoga-video-on-ManifestationThis week we will continue with the Guru Mantra.

gurur brahma gurur visnu
gurur devo mahesvara
guruh saksat parambrahma
tasmai sri gurave namah

The guru is Brahma, The guru is Vishnu
The Guru is Shiva (Devo Mahesvara)
The guru is nearby and the guru is everywhere
To the guru I offer, all that I AM.

Our focus this week is on guru Brahma, the God of creation. There are many creation stories involving Brahma, however we will focus in on just one. Brahma was born of a great golden cosmic egg, floating around in nothingness. He is almost self-generated and then he creates the rest of existence.

Brahma creates his ten sons from his mind to help him design and construct the universe. When he feels lonely he creates his daughter Saraswati by thinking the most pure thoughts possible. Brahma carries no weapons (which is highly unusual for a Hindu God) because for him there is nothing to destroy, only unlimited potential to create.

Unlike Brahma, we can’t create whatever our mind imagines. Right now the book club on our membership site is reading a couple of books about the chakras. One of the things that interested them was the manifesting current of the chakras, that is taking an idea and bringing it down through all the chakras into reality. Brahma can simply imagine things into being. We have a few more steps, and that is what our class is about today.

The manifesting current starts in the world of Brahma, the world of creation. If you could create anything, what would you create? Open your mind, free yourself from limitations, be open to possibilities, there are no restrictions here.

Starting with your seventh chakra, in the sea of infinite awareness, an idea arises in your consciousness. Next with your sixth chakra you imagine your dream or idea, you visualize it coming to fruition at some point in the future. With the fifth chakra you start talking about your idea receiving feedback and information in the form of communication. This starts to take the form of support in the fourth chakra where you find others to work with, serve and support you along the way.

With your third chakra you break your vision down into specific goals, tasks, and objectives, and when obstacles appear you have ways of working through them. Your second chakra allows your dream to be a passion and emotionally fulfilling. Finally with the completion of all these steps you reach your first chakra and you have a fully functioning business, relationship, community project, book, artistic project, new home – all because you followed the manifesting current through the chakras.

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