Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 241: Constipation Relief: Detox Yoga, 53 min Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class

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Detox Yoga

Namaste-Yoga-241This 53 minute intermediate hatha detox yoga class will give you constipation relief. The yoga for constipation will aid in elimination and give you a yoga detox. The yoga poses and yoga asanas natural remedies for constipation and focus on your large intestine or colon. The twists are more yoga poses and are what help with constipation. Yoga poses and asanas such as forward folds are some of the best exercises for constipation and are what helps with constipation and to relieve constipation. By encouraging the downward flow of energy (apana vayu) you will not only receive relief from constipation but you will also nourish your entire eliminatory system, receive a constipation solution and detox your whole being. Our pranayama or breath practice today will focus on your exhalation which will also help your yoga detox and provide the best cure for constipation. This yoga class is also great for IBS relief and IBS pain relief.

This class focuses on asana/yoga postures to aid in elimination and detoxification of your body through your large intestine/colon, twists and forward folds. By encouraging the downward flow of energy (apana vayu) you will nourish your eliminatory system thus purifying your whole being. Focus on your exhalation will also aid in this detoxification process.

We will also continue our study of the Ayurdehi mantra and this week we will focus on the line: apanam dhehi, May the downward flowing energy be nourished. This mantra will be chanted in a call and response manner with the apana mudra to encourage the energetic force governing elimination and purification.

 Yoga with Melissa 241 Nourishing the Downward Moving Energy

May my life be nourished.
pranam dhehi
May the upward moving energy be nourished
apanam dhehi
May the downward moving energy be nourished
vyanam dhehi
May the circulating energy be nourished

May my sight be nourished
srotram dhehi
May my hearing be nourished
mano dhehi
May my mind be nourished
vacam dhehi
May my speech be nourished
atmanam dhehi
May my soul be nourished

pratistham dhehi
May I rest in that nourishment

mam dhehi
May I be nourished
mayi dhehi
May that nourishment bring pleasure to others

This week we will focus on the second line of the mantra, apanam dhehi apanam dhehi May the downward moving energy be nourished.

Apana vayu

Apana vayu is located below the navel region to the tops of your legs and provides energy for your large intestine (for elimination of solid waste from your body), kidneys (for elimination of liquid waste from your body), your anus and genitals. It is solely concerned with the elimination of waste from your body.

When you consider elimination you can include your exhalation, bowel movements, urination, ejaculation, holding of a child within a mother’s womb during pregnancy and also the baby’s delivery. It is the apana vayu that is said that allows the passage of the baby out of the womb.

The main seat of apana vayu is your anus, but it is also located at the base of your neck, your spine, your whole back and your heels. A yoga practice that focuses on apana vayu will nourish your entire eliminatory system, subsequently purifying your whole body. Focusing our yoga, mantra and mudra practice towards apana vayu also nourishes your reproductive system which will support healthy menstruation and childbirth.

As this vayu is associated with muladhara, your root chakra which is about grounding, and svadhisthana, your sacral chakra which is about emotions, you will feel rooted and safe enough to release what no longer serves you. Prana vayu can flow freely so that focusing your yoga practice towards the downward flowing energy will leave you feeling purified, lighter and more at ease.

Yoga with Melissa 241 Photos of Yoga Poses



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