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Namaste-Yoga-Epsiode-279Over the last few weeks, we have become aware that our inner critic has been broadcasting 24/7 on radio station KRAZY and announcing all the things that are wrong with us. We even have DJs like the Inner Pleaser, the Pusher, the Perfectionist and the Rule Maker who have made it their jobs to criticize us on radio station KRAZY.

With the awareness, befriending and accepting our inner critic, realizing that it only wants to keep us safe, we come to the place that we can make a choice. We can choose to see that the inner critic is not us. We can choose to see that the inner critic played a role to keep us safe, but that it doesn’t have to keep running our life.

Now that we have awareness, and an attitude of friendliness and acceptance we can now bring some choice to our inner critic. We have several choices.

We can turn down the volume
We can turn off the radio
We can turn the radio to a different station
We can even learn to change the nature of the programming on this station

First we had to bring awareness to the fact that radio station KRAZY was even playing. The first choice is to accept what your critic is saying rather than fighting it. When you bring this level of acceptance to what is going on you have a choice to detach from it.

The detachment is a choice to turn down the volume or turn off the radio. We have a choice not to listen to the criticism. When we bring the choice to hear the voice of criticism (awareness and acceptance), we can understand with an attitude of loving kindness that our inner critic only wants the best for us (befriending our inner critic), and then with that awareness we have the ability to make a choice, either to turn down the music, turn off the radio or change the station.

Once you have some awareness that you have an inner critic and you have an attitude of friendliness and acceptance that it is part of you, you no longer have to be intimidated by your inner critic. Remember when you start to hear radio station KRAZY playing it is a good sign that you are having some fear, anxiety and vulnerability about living in the world. That is why befriending your critic and bringing loving kindness to it was so important. With acceptance here is some space to stop fighting your inner critic and realize you have a choice.


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Are you turning down the volume?
Are you turning off the radio?
Are you changing the station?
Are you changing the programming?

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