Namaste Yoga 329 Awakening to Your True Self Series, The Six Perfections: Patience Part 3

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Patience Part 3

Namaste-Yoga-Epiosde-329In our Awakening Your True Self Series we are exploring the Six Paramitas or Six Perfections. The intention behind cultivating the six perfections is for the development of compassion. It is considered a path of the Bodhisattva. Today we are reflecting on the third paramita or third perfection which is ksanti paramita or forbearance, tolerance and patience.

Ksanti Paramita teaches that life is difficult from time to time. We will all experience the suffering of illness, financial hardship, difficulties in relationships, addiction, and emotional despair. There is even the everyday suffering of small annoyances from frustrations, to setbacks and situational depression. With ksanti paramita, we have the option to meet our resistance, our “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” with patience, tolerance and forbearance. Instead of refusing to accept and blaming anything, anyone even ourselves and becoming bitter we can ask for patience. May I be patient.

According to ksanti paramita there are three kinds of hardships that we will face.

  • Personal pain and hardship both physical and emotional
  • Pain caused by our personal relationships or interactions with others
  • The painful truth about our life

Two weeks ago in Namaste Yoga 326 we practiced with the physical and emotional pain we experience by creating space in our bodies through breath and yoga postures. Last week, with Namaste Yoga 327 explored the pain of human relationships and our interactions of others. Today we explore the painful truth of our life.

The difficult truth of our life is that life is not perfect, we are all going to die. We’re all going to lose everything that we love and everything that we’ve worked so hard to build. We only get to live today once. Each day is closer to our last.

Through our yoga practice we can become more familiar with our fear loss, failure and impermanence. Today, we are practicing three part breath, or deergha swasam pranayama as a way to take in all the richness of prana/life force and then to put into practice letting it go and the impermanence of it all. Balancing postures will allow us to surrender to letting go and impermanence as well. The pushan mudra, is another powerful vehicle through which to explore taking in the richness of life as well as letting go without attachment. These are difficult lessons as human beings.

Resources: Upaya Zen Center The Six Perfections Dharma Podcast Series with Norman and Kathie Fischer

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Through that practice we are taking the fruits of our yoga practice and offering them out into the world. We have taken the spiritual goodness we have generated through our yoga practice and given it to those in need. This is a highly valued and incredibly important and generous practice.

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