Yoga with Melissa 356: Beginner Yoga for Relaxation

by Melissa West on

Yoga for Relaxation

yoga-with-melissa-episode-356-relaxationToday’s beginner yoga class is all about relaxation. Throughout the class we will focus on letting go of unnecessary tension in our body. Instead of bracing our bodies against gravity, we will allow the support of the earth to release our tension. During this class we will continually bring our attention to our physical bodies and notice where our bodies are connecting to the ground. Through this connection we can relax more deeply into the support of gravity. Additionally we will be scanning our bodies for tension and through breath and gravity letting go of any holding patterns that we find.

Today’s yoga class is a beginner’s yoga class for complete beginners.

In this yoga class I will offer lots of modifications and explain how to relax in each pose. I offer easy to follow, step by step instructions in each yoga pose. The class begins with a preview of all the poses so that you will know if this is a class you can do.

Props Needed: Yoga Mat and maybe a strap or belt

Yoga Postures/Asanas: Savasana or Corpse Pose, Knee to chest Pose, Thread the needle, Cat Pose, Lunge Pose, Side Angle Pose, Extended Side Angle Pose, Forward Fold, Sphinx Pose, Seated Twist, One Legged Forward Fold, Meditation

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