Yin Yoga for Holiday Stress Relief | Yoga with Melissa 464

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Holiday Stress Relief

This is a one hour full body yin yoga class to relieve stress for the holidays. The yin yoga poses will focus on the kidney, liver, spleen and heart meridians.

Yin yoga is a mindfulness practice that has its roots in Buddhist philosophy.

This class will draw on the first noble truth of Buddhism, suffering to help us understand why the holidays can be so stressful for us.

When we have idealized versions of the holidays or expectation of how the holidays should be that rarely measure up to our experience of reality.

Before we start beating ourselves up for these unrealistic expectations of how we want to be for the holidays or how we want the holidays to turn out, we will recognize that everywhere we turn in the modern world of advertising and consumerism we are being sold the illusion of a holiday season that is perfect and without flaw.

Additionally we are being sold solutions that can solve all your problems and make your life perfect and happy.

Throughout this yin yoga class to relieve holiday stress we will reflect on our expectations for the holiday season.

We will be curious about our expectations of how family gatherings will go, what we want to be able to give vs. what we are able to give, how others will receive our gifts, and trying to create an ideal holiday.


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