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Hatha Yoga

To celebrate the shortest day of the year I have a full length hatha yoga class for winter solstice for you this week.

This class is a playful class that combines hip openers and standing postures to welcome back the light.

This hatha yoga class is extra special because it is accompanied by an ancient story of gift culture and the origins of light as we welcome back the light.

Through the class we will invoke the return of the light, do a few rounds of simple rounds of sun salutations as well as some playful variations of tree pose, Krishna pose and boat pose.

The class and story finishes with tortoise pose.

If you prefer classes with little to no talking just so you know, there is a story woven throughout this class, which basically means narration throughout.

I would recommend one of my recent yin yoga or restorative yoga yoga classes if you are in the mood for a lot of silence.

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