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Daily Hatha Yoga

This hour long daily hatha yoga routine includes the twelve most important yoga poses you should do every day. The inversions, backbends, twists, forward folds, balancing poses, side bends and resting poses in this hatha yoga class will give you the most complete yoga class for your body that will attend both to your physical well-being and health, but also calm your mind, improve your emotional and mental well-being, give you more energy and leave you feeling rested.

The resting postures in this class will recharge your batteries, release tension from your body, boost your immune system, relieve fatigue and help to deepen your breathing. There are poses in this class which will help to strengthen your legs, butt and glutes. Backbends will open up your chest and counteract rounded and poor postural habits from hours of screen time. Hip openers will relieve tight hips, back pain, sciatica, are great for athletes and are great for those of us who spend long hours sitting. Throughout this class your spine is taken through the four movements of flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. These movements will not only help to relieve back pain, but because the spine houses the central nervous system they are also calming and help to relieve stress and anxiety. Balancing postures are combined with core strengthening postures in this class for efficiency to support your body. Several of the poses in this class support breast tissue health by encouraging lymphatic flow through the armpits and breast tissue as well toning breast and armpit tissue.

In April in our membership community we will be supporting our members in their primary aspiration of commiting to their daily yoga practice by formulating daily yoga timetables and extra support like a Daily Yoga Chart and a live class with two way video teaching our members how to use the Daily Yoga Chart.

I will be releasing 5 new classes into our membership in April including:

  • 30 Minute Daily Hatha Yoga
  • Daily Hatha Yoga for Grounding (30 mins)
  • Daily Hatha Yoga for Strength (30 mins)
  • Daily Hatha Yoga for Optimal Digestion (30 mins)
  • Daily Hatha Yoga for Breast Tissue Health (20 mins)

We would love to welcome you into our community and support you in your daily yoga practice in April and beyond: Click Here



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