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Do you find you get overstimulated in large crowds, noisy environments or if you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in? You may be a HSP and if so this YIN yoga class for HSP and the small intestine meridian is going to be medicine for your deepest Self.

If you are new here, this class is the second class in part of a series, so if you haven’t done the first class then go to the first class now:

This yin yoga class will focus on the small intestine meridian to help with the overstimulation that highly sensitive people experience.

We will also explore the ways that the four principles of yin yoga: finding your appropriate edge, being still, softening and staying in the poses for five minutes in this class can help you to stimulate the small intestine meridian and deal with the overstimulation that is part of the highly sensitive person’s day to day experience.

The small intestine is about sorting the pure from the impure.

This is not only about taking the best nutrients from our food and moving along the waste, but also digesting the best of the mental, emotional and energetic of our lives and letting go of the rest.

Because highly sensitive people process more and more deeply, making sure that the small intestine meridian system is balanced can help support the overstimulation that they experience.

Physically this class will stimulate the upper back and shoulders.

I want to acknowledge the depth of awareness that you offer as a highly sensitive person.

You process your worlds more thoroughly than 80% of the population. You pick up on small things that others may not notice.

These details give you insight. They make you the compassionate and tenderhearted person that you are.

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Elaine Aron Ph.D. Clinical Researcher and Psychologist of the Highly Sensitive Person Click Here


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