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Restorative Yoga

Over the last two weeks in the yoga for highly sensitive people series we have focused on how highly sensitive people process more, more deeply and how they become easily overstimulated. As such, restorative yoga is a perfect practice that will give highly sensitive people the time to rest and digest.

In a restorative yoga class we use props to fully support the body into completely relaxing so that our bodies can release accumulated tension. Props like eye pillows reduce the amount of visual stimulus, silence reduces the noise and long slow breathing give you the space to recover from over stimulation.

The guiding principle of a restorative yoga class is that it creates release. Release from doing into being. In each restorative yoga pose we will use blankets, bolsters and blocks to support your body fully so that you can release physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual tension. Once we set up each restorative yoga pose, with the props and you are well supported, you will be invited to go on an internal retreat facilitated by silence and the passing of time so that you can experience deep relaxation.

Elaine Aron Ph.D. Clinical Researcher and Psychologist of the Highly Sensitive Person


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