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Episode 500

To celebrate 10 years and 500 episodes on YouTube, Melissa goes behind the camera and Tim gets on the mat to welcome beginners and those with beginner’s mind to try yoga. If Tim can do yoga, anybody can do yoga with this 30 minute at home yoga video. You will be laughing your way through this fun filled class.

This class was filmed in beautiful British Columbia on Vancouver Island, on Beaver Lake where the Canadian rowing team practices their rowing.

Tim will start you out in this class with lying down to release the stress and tension from your day. The warm up postures in this yoga class include hamstring and hip releases. Tim´s go to pose in this class is child´s pose, however he does offer a modification of knee to chest pose for people with knee issues and tight ankles and feet. Downward facing dog will help you stretch out your back and hamstrings. Lunge pose will open up the fronts of your hips. When we come to standing we practice tree pose for balance. Wide legged standing forward fold helps to lengthen your hamstrings while calming your mind and nervous system. Sphinx pose is our backbend to help improve posture and build bone density in your upper back. A reclined twist helps to release tension, improve digestion and release tension along your spine. We finish this beginner yoga class with savasana or corpse pose for relaxation. Tim even has chosen a poem for you to enjoy in savasana.

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us over the last ten years. We know that each one of the 50K subscribers represents a real person doing yoga on their yoga mat. We appreciate your dedication to the teachings that we offer here. We are so excited that this is what we get to do: live on Vancouver Island and film yoga for you every week. We look forward to sharing the teachings of yoga with you for many years to come.


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