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Full Body Yin Yoga

In the attention economy not only is there an overwhelming amount of information, but we are constantly bombarded with the most current information. There is a sense of continual immediacy as the contemporary media accelerates the circulation of information. Short videos and video editing are designed to capture your decreased attention spans and give us a false sense that everything is available immediately.

It is not unusual to see a week’s worth of meal planning in an eight minute video on YouTube video, or renovating an entire house in a week in a 20 minute video, or changing an entire wardrobe in under ten minutes. Amazon now offers same day delivery in many major city centers. As I scroll through Instagram I can see hundreds of time lapsed yoga practices condensed down to one minute.

All of this gives us the illusion of immediacy. One thing that my meditation teacher continually says is that meditation (and what we are doing here to in yoga) is a slow and developmental process. We are given the illusion of quick transformations, but the practices of yoga and meditation take time.

When we practice yin yoga we are asked to let go of the instant access to poses and stay for awhile in the pose. In fact there are no poses to achieve, the practice is much more about the internal felt sense of the practice than the external aesthetic look of the poses. With yin yoga, we are asked to take residence in our body.

When we let go of the immediacy of the attention economy we are asked to stop trying to turn yoga into a transaction where you have instant access to everything and anything and instead become curious about the process as it unfolds. Letting go of the transactional exchange where you determine the value based on how much you can get and how fast you can get the desired results, you instead open to what your body may reveal to you over time.

With yin yoga, we soften the control of trying to be somewhere else and always trying to gain access to the next best thing. Instead we open to just being here and experiencing the sensations in our body as they are arising now. It is an open, relaxed, curious exploration. One that is willing to be curious about the shadow side of instant access.


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