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Chair Yin Yoga

This yin yoga and meditation on a chair is the perfect introduction to yin yoga or chair yoga for beginners. We will go over the posture of meditation to begin and end the class as a way of centering and feeling the energy moving through our bodies. The yin yoga postures in the chair are chosen to increase the flexibility of the hips, hamstrings and relieve back pain. Throughout the class we will focus on the four principles of yin. By choosing an appropriate edge, softening, being still and staying for awhile we will be able to access the deeper connective tissues of the joints and bones that we affect in yin yoga. This class is perfect if you are unable to get on the floor or if you are practicing in a place where you do not have access to the floor.

Yin Yoga on a chair allows us to practice even when we do not have a lot of space. Chair yin yoga will allow us to continue with yin yoga practice even if we are dealing with foot or ankle injuries. Many of us spend long hours at work in a chair. Changing our perception of the chair as an object associated with work to an object that we can use for yin yoga and mindfulness meditation can allow us to bring a bit of that mindset into our work environment as well.



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