Align with Your Unique Abundance Codes

Discover YOUR UNIQUE energy imprint so that you feel safe enough to allow SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE to flow into your life

It’s Time to Let Go of Scarcity

I’m tired of spiritual teachers, healers, counselors, artists, designers, facilitators and guides being stuck in scarcity, deficiency, and aligning with poverty vows. 

I don’t want you to be blocked in stories of fear, scarcity and survival that cause your nervous systems to contract in activation, shutdown and your bodies to be riddled with tension.

Old Ways of Being Are Crumbling 

We are shifting out of old ways of being: conditioned beliefs rooted in lack, fear, not enough & competition. For too long we believed we had to work hard and measure success with numbers. Emphasis was placed on material gain and accumulation of possessions.

New Ways Are EMERGING TO ALIGN with Your UNIQUE Abundance Code

Now we are shifting to a way of being where success is measured on how much well being you create for yourself and others. Value based on your quality of life and quality of energy. 

We each have a unique energetic imprint that is a valuable contribution to the whole. 

The more valuable you understand yourself to be, the more value you will create for yourself, and the more value you will have to share with others. 

We are transitioning into a new sufficiency and support for all living beings where collaboration reigns over competition. 

There will be a shift from hoarding wealth for the few to energy, sustainability, community, information, relationships, value, authenticity, and truth. 

It will not be about financial dominance, but our ability to sustain resources over time, for ourselves and all living beings.

How I Help You 


Release Conditioned Beliefs 

It's challenging to let go of the conditioned belief that we have to work hard and if we want more, we have to work harder. It is time to let go of obligations and guilt.

If you are experiencing dissonance, tension in your body or lack of clarity, I can help you find your way back to your ideal work. I will help you decondition from the stories we tell ourselves of fear, survival, scarcity, security & certainty to stories of trust, interconnection, oneness, collaboration, well-being and love. 


Find Your Unique Energy Frequency

I will help you align with your unique, vital and irreplaceable role here on earth as it relates to work.

Your ideal energy frequency will heal not just yourself, but will vibrate to heal those you love and all those you are connected with as well. 


Clear Your Path for Evolution 

I will help you navigate the recurring patterns that keep coming up in your life. I am here to help you embrace the potential of this change & to navigate the fear of uncertainty that comes with it.


What Keeps You Radiant

I will help you to understand what keeps you healthy, vibrant and whole.
We each have unique ways to nurture our health & sustainable energy. I am here to help you to have healthy and vital bodies. What keeps your body healthy, vital & in energetic integrity is unique to you. I can support you in aligning with your ideal energy so that you can have sustained energy over time to fulfill your unique energy imprint here. 


Your Authentic Expression

Finally, I can help you in shifting to see the core of who you are in this new evolved world. This is about alignment with your authentic identity without compromising who you are. I've always understood that healing starts with ourselves. I will help you in reclaiming your personal value so that you can align yourself with love and transmit a frequency of loving value to others as well. When you heal the karma of your self worth, you will see the unique value of who you are.
Then you will authentically express the core of who you simply through the aura of your being. 


Your Unique Path to Abundance

Integrate your gifts & align with your true purpose to create your life of fulfillment & contribution. Find out your core talent & how you can best serve the world. Your optimal way to interact with others and find your place of collaboration & support. How to express your gifts in your marketing & social media so others hear & respond to your message. Aligning with your effortless flow of prosperity as a result of sharing your gifts.

  • Your ideal work as it aligns with your unique energy 
  • Your greatest challenge, how it is here to evolve you and attract your ideal clients
  • How to sustain your energy
  • The core of your authentic expression
  • Your ideal clients including whether you are meant to work one on one, with small groups or large groups
  • What your ideal message should be so it will be received in your work and marketing 
  • Whether you are meant to be holding space or delivering a message
  • Your unique emotional design, how to deal with projections, and emotional clearing
  • What will drain your energy and what will create energy for you
  • How to let go of fear and trust your unique energy codes 


Online or In Person in Victoria BC

Unlock your potential with an in-depth Abundance Code Reading, combining your Human Design body graph, Gene Keys holographic profile, and insights from over 20 years of embodied experience as a yoga therapist and teacher, all grounded in nervous system wisdom.

This reading will provide you with profound insights, powerful breakthroughs, and transformative guidance based on your unique Human Design body graph, Gene Keys holographic profile, and nervous system.