Across Land and Sea : Vlog #23

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Across the Land and Sea

Across-Land-and-Sea-Vlog-23We started this week with our hiking group, Nature Victoria Explorations, with a walk called where the land meets the sea. Watch and see lots of living creatures from the tidal pools.

On Tuesday morning we filmed Yoga with Melissa episode 339 on the poem Be Danced by Jewel Mathieson. We filmed at cattle point this week.

On Wednesday I did a Facebook Livestream for upper body strength. I am going to be doing quite a few Facebook Livestreams throughout the summer so watch out for those. We filmed several classes for our membership class this week. I filmed a meditation, a wrist care class, a standing vinyasa for your heart meridian and a restorative yoga class for anxiety.

I am so excited to introduce you to Christine Salus, she is a fellow YouTuber here in Victoria and we are going to be doing some collaborations together. I am going to be filming a yoga for athletes, HIIT athletes for Christine. Christine is going to be doing some food videos for my, especially smoothie bowls.

On Thursday afternoon I had a tea leaf reading with Rachael B. Haisell at the Tea Emporium.

On Friday we set off for Hornby Island for a weekend camping trip. It is a 2 ferry trip! We had an oceanfront view from our camp site on Brads Dad’s Land . I gave you a tent tour and a tour of our campsite. You get to see Tim bring in the campfire wood. The geological features on Hornby were amazing. We first discovered them at Ford Cove.

On Saturday, our main reason for going to Hornby, was the market in the woods. It was magical! On Sunday morning we visited Sandpiper beach.

What a week! We covered a lot of land and sea.

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P.s. Watch all the way to the end for slug footage!


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