Self Facial Massage and Aromatherapy for Tired Eyes

by Melissa West on

Aromatherapy for Tired Eyes

Are your eyes strained from time on electronics, reading, or maybe they are just plain tired? If so, this self facial massage for tired eyes is for you.

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Our eyes are a microcosm of our entire body. They are connected to your entire nervous system. The strain we place on our eyes allows much of the energy of our connected organs to be drained out. By doing this self-facial massage for tired eyes you will help to regenerate your nervous system, your organ body and your entire body.

Palming: Start by rubbing your hands together until you feel heat in your hands. Then rest the palms of your hands over your eyes allowing your eyes to be bathed in darkness and soothed.

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Rose Geranium: relieves stress

Ylang Ylang: refreshes your skin

Sandalwood: relaxing and calming

Chamomile: calms irritation and frustration

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Self Facial Massage and Aromatherapy for Tired Eyes


  1. Start by massaging between your eyebrows, to gently relieve the tension between your eyebrows. Smooth away frown lines.
  2. Then make small movements across your brow line from the inside of your brow to the outside. Then sweep across your brow line.
  3. With less pressure make small movements underneath your eye along the bone. Then sweeps.
  4. Then massage your temples.

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