Avoid this Rookie Waterfall Mistake – Vlog 128

by Melissa West on

This is Embarrassing Waterfall Fail

This week we headed to Nanaimo in search of waterfalls for our chasing waterfalls series.

Our plan was to check out 4 waterfalls in one day and today we are going to show you the first of four waterfalls. This was the first trip up the Malahat with our new to us Toyota Yaris, Yoda.

We stopped at both lookout points.

The views were a little lackluster because of all the forest fire smoke right now.

We arrived at our first destination, Colliery Dam Park.

The trail was a beautiful loop around a lake.

The park is a well-known place to take your dogs off leash.

The park itself was beautiful with lots of trees and ferns.

The bridges and wood pallet pathways also added to the appeal of the park.

As it was dry season, there was very little water and we did not see any waterfalls.

Maybe if we had gone through the tunnel?



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