Awakening into Oneness with Arjuna Ardagh

by Melissa West on

During this show we will discuss the awakening of consciousness from the dream of separation, the identification with the story of being a body, a mind, and a personality, into the direct realization of being That which is present in all life. The “default setting” for human beings is one of identification with form. By clinging to thoughts, we believe that “I am the mind,” and so readily defend our points of view. By clinging to feelings, we believe that “I am my feelings,” and so we become defensive and reactive. By clinging to the body, we believe that “I am a physical creature,” and so we live our life in constant fear of death and aging. Arjuna Ardagh will discuss his mission at The Living Essence Foundation where they feel passionately that the future of this planet rests in the wide-spread awakening of human beings into direct experiential recognition of their essential oneness.

Arjuna Ardagh 

First Aired: 12/16/09

Awakening into Oneness with Arjuna Ardagh 12_16_09

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