Bear Hill Victoria Hiking Trail Shortcuts – The Easy Way – Vlog 104

by Melissa West on

Bear Hill

This past week I was experiencing a decline in my mental health due to cabin fever. It was time to escape the four white walls of my apartment and get outdoors. We had no food in our house so we combined it with a trip to the farm and got lunch at The Roost in North Saanich.

We love going to the Roost in North Saanich for lunch because they have amazing sandwiches. Victoria BC. had a good amount of snow last Wednesday so we were somewhat concerned about the snow travelling around Victoria and the surrounding area.

We ended up on a trail just off of Bear Hill Drive in Saanichton. It is funny that we have never taken any of these trails before because we are quite often in this area picking up our local fruits and vegetables from Dan’s Farm and Country Market and Firbank farm.

There are a series of paths that run from the roads all the way down by Dan’s Farm, even as low as Elk Lake and Beaver Lake. Or you can take the short cuts and drive further up the hill like we did and start the trail further up.

Make sure you say hi to the adorable miniature ponies on your way up the paths. They are quite friendly and like to be pet on their noses.

It was good to get out and enjoy the views from close to the top 🙂 Another way to make the trail a little easier is to avoid going all the way to the top.

If you made it all the way to the end, let me know if you are a fabulous finisher by putting, “I’m cured of my cabin fever” in the comments.

See you next week 🙂

Namaste, Melissa

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