Best Places to get Instagram Photos in Victoria BC – Vlog 90

by Melissa West on

Instagram Photos in Victoria

Today I am going to share with you my favourite places to take Instagram worthy photos in Victoria B.C.

My favourite place for neutral backdrops and a natural feeling is the beach in front of Ross Bay Cemetery. There is tones of driftwood and lovely neutral stone walls.

Discovery Coffee at 1001 Blanshard St. in Victoria B.C. is a must-stop for your all your photo needs. Within about one block you can get about 5-different neutral walls for your photo backdrops.

Union Pacific Coffee Shop is Victoria’s Heritage coffee shop. No matter where you sit in this coffee shop there is a wonderful, natural backdrop for your photos. The owner, Alan, is super friendly and open to photographers.

The Atrium, 800 Yates Street in Victoria BC is an amazing indoor space to take photos in Victoria B.C. There is a large wood seat for perching and also indoor trees and a Poppies Floral Art. All of these spaces make for an excellent indoor photo space. The lighting can be good on a sunny day.

Finally, last but not least, Fan Tan Alley is perhaps the most photographed place in Victoria BC. Fan Tan Alley is an alley in Victoria, British Columbia’s Chinatown. It runs south from Fisgard Avenue to Pandora Avenue in the block between Government Street and Store Street. If Fan Tan Alley is crowded you do not have to stick to this alley, there are lots of alleyways in Chinatown that are perfect for photography. Remember to check out my favourite, Kid Sister Ice cream while you are there.

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Namaste, Melissa


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