Behind the Scenes of Yoga with Melissa: Vlog 35

by Melissa West on

BTS – Behind the Scenes

btsThis has been a week of interaction and collaboration with you. I began my week by interviewing two of our members in our membership community for our regular feature, the Just Like Me Interviews.

Then the week unfolded with a fruitful discussion about how my teachings are working for you: when you feel I talk too much and what you feel I talk too much about. I so appreciate how many of you gave your specific, constructive, thoughtful, and meaningful feedback about the “too much conversation” criticism.

All of your feedback encouraged me to return to my true self and teach in a way that is more authentic to me. I have embraced this opportunity as a time of autumn, transition and letting go.

Wednesday morning we filmed Yoga with Melissa 351, Yoga for Strength and Resilience 🙂 Trying out the new flow of the class felt good to me and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds for all of you over time.

Wednesday afternoon we went for a boat ride through Oak Bay with our friend Mike. It felt so good to relax and look forward to the rest of the week with all of you.

Friday evening we came together as a community for our motivational meetup 🙂

It was incredibly powerful to bring our energy together and practice together as a community.

Thank you for your contribution and presence this week. It is fabulous to connect with you in this wonderful medium that we have 🙂 letting all the thoughts and all the physical tension dissolve.


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