Chaos and Uncertainty : Vlog 58

by Melissa West on

Victoria BC : Vlog 58

We start our week with some YouTube drama as our numbers roll up to 32K subscribers. Thank you so much to all of you who subscribe to our main YouTube channel. We appreciate your support.

Our first trip of the week was to Chinatown to pick up a screen for my live video calls. Chinatown in Victoria is super fun and visually stunning.

On Tuesday morning I did some studying for a course that I am doing. I thought I would just show you how a normal day rolls out for me. I spend a lot of time at a computer doing research, studying and writing class notes.

On Thursday we went for a walk on the beach. It has been cold and wet and rainy here. We have been experiencing some major cabin fever! Although Victoria B.C. gets less rain than New York per year (33.1 inches compared to New York’s 50 inches), the average monthly rainfall in the winter is 5.3 inches. But just wait until summer, we get less than an inch of rainfall per month. Soon we will be into our 2,193 hours of yearly sunshine!

On Saturday afternoon I went for a walk in Beacon Hill park during a break in the rain. There were some signs that spring is on its way with cherry blossoms and spring bulbs.

I am taking a course right now on meditation and I have been reflecting on how meditation and vlogging are similar. Sometimes when we meditate we try to control our lives. When I vlog I also try to show a “controlled” version of my life. I prefer to show you when I am out in nature. I hate showing you when I have so much work to do. Since I’ve started vlogging it shows me what part of my life is out of balance. I have not been getting out in nature as much as I want. I have been working more than I want.

When you meditate, everything that you have been avoiding shows up. When you vlog your life you realize you can’t control your life. Life happens. Our lives are uncertain. Our lives are chaotic.

How do you try to control your life? How could you relax into it and be with the chaos and uncertainty?

Namaste, Melissa


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