Daily Hatha Yoga

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Daily Hatha Yoga

If you experience back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, this daily hatha yoga class is offers a therapeutic and healing approach to daily yoga.

The hatha yoga poses that focus on strong glutes in this class can help to prevent injury to your low back and knees. Strong butt muscles will help to improve your posture, alleviate low back, hip and knee pain, and reduce bone density loss. When your glutes are strong, they bring your pelvis back into alignment out of a common forward tilt and eliminate the illusion of a belly pooch.

The full body, dynamic core-strengthening yoga asanas in this class not only strengthen your core from neck to knees but also provide training in balance and coordination. In addition the backbend in this daily hatha yoga class provides your abdominals with an eccentric contraction, elongating them while asking them to engage against gravity. Core strengthening yoga asanas not only tone your abdominals, but also improve your balance and stability, improve your posture and reduces low back pain.

There are several yoga asanas in this class that focus on the proper mechanics of the neck and shoulders and re-educate the natural movement of your upper body. Poor postural positions in front of screens have made our neck muscles long and weak resulting in pain in our neck and shoulders. By building stability and strength in the upper back through the asanas in this daily yoga class we can stop neck and shoulder pain. Additionally simple movements for your neck will help to reduce headache pain and neck tension particularly at the back and sides of your neck.

To access this daily yoga class which is incredibly beneficial for headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain then click on the link below to become a member and I will put a direct link for our members
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