The Five Hindrances: Desire on the Yogic Path

by Melissa West on

Desire on the Yogic Path

Desire-on-the-Yogic-Path-with-Jay-ForrestToday on Living Your Yoga we are Talking about Desire

Hi I´m Melissa West and Today´s Living Your Yoga is about the first of the five hindrances outlined by Buddhist studies, desire.

I´m joined today by Jay Forrest host of Spiritual Wisdom with Jay Forrest. Jay´s mission is to inspire you to live a peaceful and happy life by learning to think clearly, act wisely, and live mindfully. He combines the latest in neuroscience and psychology, with eastern and western philosophy, to give you teachings to transform your life. Jay Forrest is a Certified Meditation Teacher, the author of Practical Buddhism, and the host of the Wisdom Podcast.

Welcome Jay 🙂

Why don´t you start out by telling us how desire is defined within the parameters of the five hindrances?

What is the difference between desire and moving towards a healthy aspiration?

How can people find out more about you and Spiritual Wisdom?

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Living Your Yoga

Jay´s channel is Spiritual Wisdom

He has a 5 minute talk on Sense Desire that I will link to below:

Today’s question to answer in the comments is: When in your life have you realized that possessing something won´t bring you happiness?

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If you would like a yoga class to take you deeper with this theme then I would recommend Namaste Yoga 318 on this very topic.

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