How to Choose Poetry for Your Yoga Class | Special Guest Dimitri Reyes Poet

by Melissa West on

Dimitri Reyes

If you are a yoga teacher looking for tips on how to successfully integrate poetry into your class of a yogi who is interested in including poetry as part of your mindfulness practice, then you are going to love my guest today, poet, Dimitri Reyes.

Hi I´m Melissa from Yoga with Melissa, I offer a weekly yoga class usually hatha, yin, restorative, yin yang or yoga nidra on my main channel and here I answer your questions about yoga and yoga lifestyle. I would love for you to subscribe to this channel and check out my main channel as well.

If you are new here, welcome, I know that if you have chosen a video like this you are thoughtful, considerate and somebody who loves and cares about poetry. That is why I know you are going to love our time with Dimitri today.

Dimitri is one incredible human being he is not only a poet and educator but most importantly a builder of community around poet on his YouTube channel where he generously shares his tips for writing poetry and builds community by interviewing other poets and attending poetry readings and festivals. Dimitri also has an incredible patreon community which I encourage all of you to check out where he supports a community of poets in their writing with weekly prompts and monthly challenges as well as many other bonuses that are thrown in.

So make sure to subscribe to his channel: Click Here

Dimitri poets are incredible storytellers and one of the stories that you tell so well that brings a tear to my eye is the winding road you took to becoming a poet and all the serendipities along the way that lead you to what you were clearly meant to be doing in this world.


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