Yoga with Melissa episode 36 : Special Series on Yamas and Niyamas: Brahmacarya

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 36 is on Brahmacharya, the conservation of vital energy. This yoga class on brahmacharya continues our ten-class series on the yamas and niyamas. Brahmacharya means conservation of vital energy and in this episode we practice cultivating, manipulating, balancing and moving our vital energy through our bodies.

The yoga class on brahmacharya starts with kapalabhati pranayama or skull shining breath to cultivate and clear your energy for the class. This online yoga video also includes the kundalini yoga spinal energy series. This seated spinal series begins at the base of your spine and moves progressively to the top, bringing energy to all the centers along your spine. It will increase your circulation of spinal fluid giving you greater mental clarity, increased vitality, reduced tension, and help to keep you young by increasing the flexibility of your spine. This online yoga class also includes sun salutations or surya namaskar helping to improve your blood circulation giving you radiance from the inside out. We will restore your energy with legs up the wall or viparita karini. This yoga class finishes by balancing your energy with alternate nostril breathing or nadi shodhana.

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