Yoga with Melissa 61: Yoga for Your Organ Body: Spleen and Stomach Meridian

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 61 is on your Spleen and Stomach Meridians. It is part of our special series on your organ body.

Your spleen is part of your immune system and it removes foreign substances and infuses your blood with new immune cells. It is said that when your spleen is strong you experience clarity. This makes me think of the way a regular meditation practice creates clarity over time. For me practicing yoga is about increasing my self awareness. This allows me more clarity in making choices and taking my truth out into the world with my actions and relationships.

Your stomach is about receiving nourishment. We are starved for nourishment in our culture. We continually immerse ourselves with a steady stream of media, distractions, over-activity and food that do not nourish or sustain us in any effective way. How can practice our yoga to gain deeper insight and ask ourselves if we are receiving and absorbing what we really need? What would it take to truly nourish ourselves?

We will begin our asana or yoga posture practice today with a guided reflection on your spleen and stomach meridians. From there you will move into a reclined twist series. We will open up your front and side body with variations of locust, quad stretches, gate pose, dancer pose, cat/cow, and bow pose.

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