Yoga with Melissa 91 Yoga Stories Series: Bhujangasana Cobra with Dr. Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 91 is on Cobra or Bhujangasana.  It is another story of rebirth and regeneration! The cobra is said to be a symbol of relinquishing our fears as we progress on the spiritual path. Shiva wears a cobra around his neck symbolizing his deep familiarity with the fear of death (he is the God of destruction after all). His son, Ganesh, wears a snake around his belly, not only to cinch in his waist (because he eats too many sweets) but also to pay respect to his father and dedication to overcoming his fears. This hatha yoga class is designed to free up your spine so you can lift and open your heart in your most beautiful cobra. This episode is dedicated to one of our sweetest, generous hearted viewers, Rondell Parker – thank you for all your support in its many forms.

We begins with some spinal releasing in cobra building and bridge building. Then we move into the spinal energy series to release your spine. The next sequence is downward facing dog to upward facing dog to release your spine. When we come up to standing we do a standing side bend, standing twists and backbends to further release your spine in preparation for cobra pose. We finish with the story of the cobra and sit in meditation with ujjayi breath.

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