Yoga with Melissa 62 Special Series on Your Organ Body: Liver and Gallbladder

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 62 is on your liver and gallbladder. It is part of the organ body series.

Your liver is the largest organ of your internal body and a major detoxifier. The liver is said to store repressed anger. What are you being called to cleanse from your body, thoughts, emotions, life? What are you holding on to that is toxic? How can you let go of that?

The gallbladder is representative of our ability to break down or assimilate incoming information. In our information age  when we experience a continual onslaught of commercial messages and social media  it can be incredibly challenging to break down and assimilate things that are nourishing to our bodies, minds and spirits.

We begin this hatha yoga class on your liver and gallbladder with a series of postures focusing on hand to big toe pose to access your liver and gallbladder meridians. From there you will release your spine and low back with downward facing dog and happy baby pose. Another series of postures in lunge pose or anjaneyasana and pigeon or eka pada rajakapotasana will release your hips and access your liver and gallbladder meridians. Alternate nostril breathing or nadi shodhana will help you to balance your energy. A twist will aid in detoxification.

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and is responsible for detoxification. The liver is commonly understood to be taxed when over-fed toxic substances such as sugar, fats and alcohol.

In this hatha yoga class, we took a step back and looked at the idea of over doing it from a broader perspective. How does taking on more than we can deal with affect our body physically and psychically and emotionally? Our body starts to shut down, we experience low energy and then we reach for more toxins and to help us deal with the imbalance in our bodies.

In what ways do you take on too much? At what cost? Over doing it doesn’t just mean over doing it with alcohol or sugary and fatty food. What are your patterns of taking on too much? Consider the mental loop in your mind. Are you over-indulging in negative self-talk and self-deprecation? Even positive things such as a spiritual practice can be over-indulged, just consider fundamentalism in any shape or form.

When we take on too much we deplete our energy levels. This leads to bitterness, resentment, guilt, hopelessness and frustration. It disconnects us from our truth and our purpose.

The gallbladder works directly with the liver by creating bile which helps to break fats down for easier digestion. This functionality is directly related to our broader perspective of over doing it with our livers. When we take in too much of any thing we develop of feeling of being unable to cope.

What’s your M.O. of over doing it? How is it toxic to your body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? How can you cut back and take things in smaller and more manageable pieces? What would it be like to allow yourself to under-do it instead?

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