I’ve never practiced yoga before, what do I need to know before I get started with beginner yoga classes online?

Top Ten Tips on How to Start an online Yoga Practice




What order do you recommend for the beginner yoga classes?

Here’s a list of the beginner order

We are always adding new beginner yoga videos, so check back with our YouTube beginner yoga playlist often:



Will yoga help me lose weight?

Yoga for Weight Loss Blog Post and Video

We have this great yoga video for Weight Acceptance:

Check out our Course Eating Like a Yogi and Make Sure you are Signed up for our Emails to find out when it will be offered next.


Can I practice yoga when I am pregnant? What do I need to know if I am pregnant and want to practice yoga?

Pregnancy precautions blog post and video

and another one: click here

They should start to answer some of your questions. 🙂

I have a prenatal yoga video that goes through all the contraindications for yoga when you are pregnant and will help to prepare your body for labor:

I have a question for Melissa that I would like her to answer on her vlog.

We love answering your questions on our daily video blog at www.melissawest.com . Turn-around time for answering your question is about 4-6 weeks. Make sure you receive your answer by being signed up for our newsletter. You can do that at www.melissawest.com

If you are a member, please post your question in the Ask Melissa section of the membership site and Melissa will answer your question within 24-48 hours

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If your question is about a medical issue, remember Melissa is a Ph.D and not a medical doctor and so in the mean time, it would be really helpful for you to work with a medical professional (such as a medical doctor, ayurvedic doctor, or traditional chinese medicine doctor). Here are some important questions to ask:

  1. What exercises will make my condition better?
  2. What exercises will make my condition worse?
  3. Are there more details about my medical condition that are important for me to know if I am going to start exercising?

Thank you so much again for your question and we look forward to answering it on our daily video blog at www.melissawest.com within the next four to six weeks.


Why is Melissa called Dr. Melissa West?

Melissa has a Ph.D. in Communications and Cultural Studies. To find out all about her doctorate and education watch this video

I would like to see more translations of  Yoga with Melissa into Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Portuguese, Arabic, how can I get more translations?

Thank you so much for your request for more translations of Yoga with Melissa. Our translations rely on our wonderful volunteer translators who are practicing karma yoga through their service of translating episodes of Yoga with Melissa. If you or anybody else you know would be interested in translating an episode of Yoga with Melissa to add to our library of translated episodes we would love that (as I’m sure you would too!)

Here is all the information on how to get involved! 🙂


I would like a one on one private session with Melissa.

Melissa no longer offers one on one private sessions to students. Her filming schedule and dedication to her members is currently her top priority. Thank you for your understanding. For more information on becoming a member click here.


What is Melissa West’s/Yoga with Melissa’s/the membership site’s/Tim West’s relationship to Squeezed Yoga Clothing and Dusky Leaf?

Melissa receives yoga clothing from Squeezed Yoga clothing to wear on Yoga with Melissa and in her membership videos and she receives props from Dusky Leaf to use during the filming of her yoga classes.  We do not receive any money or profit sharing or percentages from Squeezed Yoga clothing or Dusky Leaf.