Feel Good Fast with Moira Nordholt

by Melissa West on

Industrialization of our food has led us to become overweight and undernourished, we suffer from chronic fatigue and myriad mystery illnesses, childhood diabetes is skyrocketing, and cancer has touched most of our lives in a deep and personal way. Feel Good Fast is a natural response to a fast-food world – everything instant, factory-farmed, mass-produced and toxic. Feel Good Fast is a powerful quarterly practice – an antidote to pollutants and stresses of the 21st century. Join us as Moira teaches us how we can have renewed energy, glowing skin, improved digestions, an enhanced immune system, fresh inspiration, clothes and fit better and easy-to prepare, incredibly delicious food.

Feel Good Guru

First Aired: 10/13/2010

Feel Good Fast with Moira Nordholt 10_13_10

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