Fishhook Restaurant Victoria BC and a visit from a friend

by Melissa West on

Fishhook Restaurant

This week I met up with a longtime friend, almost 20 years now, Cary, who was visiting from Toronto, at Fishhook Restaurant in Victoria BC.

Fishhook is a fabulous, cozy restaurant serving local seafood in the heart of downtown Victoria BC on Fort Street.

We enjoyed sablefish pakoras to start and then Cary had the pondicherry and I had the line and sinker.

Fishhook has a super tasty indo-french inspired menu. I love the flavours of their fusion style dishes.

Cary and I had a great time catching up over dinner and then we caught you up on our almost twenty year long relationship. I met Cary when she first attended one of my Mom and Baby fitness classes. Our kids are almost the exact same age. Cary also took strollercize with me. Cary was inspired by fitness and went on to become a fitness instructor herself.

Cary and I worked alongside each other in the fitness industry in Toronto for many years.

Most notably at University of Toronto in Scarborough.

We both spoke about how well we were supported there both by our students but also by our bosses who were more like mentors and incredibly powerful support systems.

Cary has been incredibly supportive of Yoga with Melissa since its inception.

She thought she was only in 2 episodes, but as we started to put this video together we kept uncovering more and more episodes in which she offered her time in those early days.

Thank you so much Cary.

Namaste, Melissa and Cary.


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