Foot Pain Relief with Yoga from Standing all Day | 30 Day New Year Challenge | Day 23

by Melissa West on

Foot Pain Relief

On day 23 of our 30 day yoga challenge I am going to show you my favourite yoga poses for foot pain relief if you stand all day. These simple yoga exercises for your feet will help with chronic foot pain in the ball of your foot right down to the heel of your foot. If you experience pain in your feet from standing all day and you want to get rid of foot pain in minutes then this yoga video for foot pain is for you.

We will begin with a series of yoga movements for your feet that will not only alleviate pain, but also relieve bunions, hammertoes, strengthen your arches and relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. From there we will practice hero pose or vajrasana to open up the fronts of your ankles as well as the soles of your feet and the necks of your toes. All of this will doe wonders to reliefe your painful feet.

Before I show the best yoga poses to increase your vision I want to point you to some of the best resources I have for people with painful feet from standing all day.


Short Videos if you Stand All Day: Click Here

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There are 3 videos that are dedicated to your feet, including a connective tissue video. The yoga for anxiety and yoga for grounding video include a lot of components for feet as does the yoga for runners.

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OK, let me share with you my favourite yoga poses for foot pain.

Foot Series

Sit with a straight spine. (Elevate yourself by sitting on a cushion so it is easier to sit with a straight spine). Extend out through your feet. Begin by inhaling and extending your toes and creating as much space as possible between all your toes. Now squeeze all your toes into a fist. This will help to restore flexibility, relieve bunions and hammertoes. Now point and flexing your toes. Then point and flex your whole foot. These two movements will strengthen your arches and relieve plantar fasciitis. Afterwards circle your whole foot. Cross your foot over your opposite leg and circle your ankle. Place your fingers between your toes and point and flex your toes (this helps to relieve symptoms of bunions) .

Hero Pose or Vajrasana

  • Sit Kneeling on Your Heels to open up the fronts of the ankles.
  • If you want more, lift the fronts of your knees.
  • If you need less, roll a towel under your ankles.
  • To stretch out the soles of your feet and the necks of your toes tuck all your toes under and slowly lower your weight back down onto your heels. Lean forward as much as you need to make the pose comfortable in your body.

So now, tell me, on a scale of 1 to stepping on lego how much do your feet hurt now?

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