From city to forest to sea: Vlog 26

by Melissa West on

From city to forest to sea

Vlog-26We started our week by showing you some of the landmarks of our city Victoria as we walked back to our car from volunteering at Salvation Army. We walked through Fan Tan Alley and I showed you some of the fun shops. I also showed you Canada’s oldest China Town.

On Sunday evening Tim and I went for a walk on Ogden Point and David Foster Walkway and a bike ride to beat the heat.

Monday we spent the whole day getting the 31 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge ready for you which starts today! 🙂 We filmed 342 of Yoga with Melissa about New Beginnings on Tuesday morning. We filmed in front of the Trial Islands and we got to see some whales, bull kelp, salt and shells.

Tuesday evening we went for a hike with our friend Mike to Mystic Vale. This was a magical place to go hiking!

Wednesday was spent the morning cleaning and doing errands in preparation for the arrival of Tim’s parents. Tim did some drone flying to get an aerial view of the lighthouse.

On Friday we started our time as tour guides and hosts at Tim’s parents for the next ten days. We came to Red Fish, Blue Fish. On Saturday we went to Whitty’s Lagoon for a walk on the beach. I did some balance practice on the logs. You can practice your balance too by walking on uneven surfaces.

On Saturday evening we practiced some natural movement in the park to overcome all the sitting we are doing. We worked on flexibility and functional strength.

On Sunday, we went out on our friend Mike’s boat and toured the inner harbour of Victoria B.C.

Thanks for watching your presence here is appreciated!

Namaste, Melissa


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