Getting Personal with Huge Physical and Emotional Shifts: Vlog 32

by Melissa West on

Getting Personal

vlog32-drmelissawestI started my week with my good friend Jeffrey Chand from Qi Gong for Vitality we had so much fun creating new videos for you on Labour Day Monday. We give you a really good tip about keeping tiger balm out of your nose.

Thursday morning we filmed Yoga with Melissa 348 at Spectacle Lake. Yoga for Grounding. Tim flew the drone. It has been a lot of working since we got back from vacation and focus on back to school. Hoping to find more balance in the coming week 🙂

I finally got my art supplies out this week after many visitors this summer, travelling and catching up from being away. I have been experiencing Autumn as a season of transformation and letting go. I had a rolfing session this week (Island Rolfing).  Because of all the physical release I have experienced through the meditation and because of the release of my connective tissue and restructuring of the alignment of my bones through the rolfing session I had with Brett Holland, I experienced a corresponding healing through my emotional body. This started with anxiety and panic with my ego. By doing the art, journaling about my experience I was able to integrate it a little better.

This week was huge in terms of energetic shifts for me. My meditation practice together with the rolfing session took me into a huge emotional and energetic shift that started in my physical body. How is it for you? Are you experiencing the transformation of Autumn? Are you being asked to let go?

Thank you for watching.

Namaste, Melissa


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