Autumn Slow Down Time: Goldstream Campground Hike Vlog 91

by Melissa West on


This week we decided to take some time out of our business as usual schedule a couple of times and slow down to find that natural calm in the forest. We chose to immerse ourselves in the autumnal wonderland of Goldstream Provincial Park for our nature time.

I have been talking a lot about yin and yang energy. Yang is focused on action, ambition and getting things done, while yin is directed towards relaxation, slowing down, and ease.

In our culture we tend to value yang over yin and often are out of balance. I have been focusing on bringing yin more into balance.

One of the ways we can bring yin more into balance is by spending time in nature.

One of my most favourite quotes is “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Taking a step out of our rushed lives where everything must be accomplished yesterday allows us to appreciate a slower pace where things are still unfolding in a beautiful rhythm.

Today I will read you Mary Oliver’s Poem, Aunt Leaf.

I believe it speaks to the autumn season of preparing for winter’s long rest and of lounging into the more dreamlike yin nature of imagination that poetry and forest bathing offer us.

If you like this video of us taking this time to slow down, embrace our yin nature, enjoy the natural calm of the forest and would like to see more videos like this, please let us know by liking the video, subscribing and commenting.

If you were able to slow down enough to watch all the way to the end, let me know by saying something about the salmon in the comments.

Namaste, Melissa


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