Gratitude for Practice : Vlog 41

by Melissa West on

Vlog in Sooke

vlog-41-victoria-bc-vlogOn Wednesday we decided to take a day to regroup and go exploring in Sooke B.C.

Mother Nature is such an amazing healing balm.

It felt as though the ocean waves and river were washing away all the cares of the world.

We went to Sheringham Point Lighthouse for some more gorgeous views and I sat and stared into the ocean while Tim flew the drone and did one of his favourite things – took photos of a lighthouse.

I have some mailtime for you this week. Thank you for sending your mail and letting me know about your practice. I sent out about 40 cards this week, so many of you should be receiving mail soon too! 🙂

On Rememberance Day (Canada) Veterans Day (U.S.) we went out for a family walk.

I reflected on all the people who contribute to the freedom that I experience every day of my life.

Without what my Grandfathers and everybody who has fought for us, I would not be living the life that I live today.

I recognize the privilege that I have to be able to dedicate my life to my own spiritual awakening.

To be able to sit on my mat in meditation and yoga in complete safety is something I am profoundly grateful for.

Sunday was rainy day. We spent the day indoors editing the vlog and planning yoga videos for the week.

We are heading to the mainland in Vancouver B.C. next week.

Tune in next week to see what we are doing 🙂


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