Grounding Yoga Classes and Food

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Grounding Yoga

Grounding-Yoga-Classes-and-Food-VideoToday’s question comes to us from Peige from the membership site:

Are there other grounding and centering videos? Do any of our fellow yogis have experience with food, herbs, etc. for grounding, centering and mental clarity?

Thank you all for any ideas.
Namaste, Peige _/\_, <3

Dear Peige

I’m so glad you asked. 🙂

There are indeed several more videos for grounding and centering here on the membership site. 🙂

First let me show you one of my favourite grounding postures:

Crocodile pose with a blanket under my belly.

This short video, Center, Grounding and Shielding Meditation is a must 🙂

Yoga for Anxiety is a great video to do as well.
I’m thinking

Yoga off the Wall is a fabulously grounding yoga video.

Yoga for grounding is obviously a grounding video. 😉
It has been mentioned, but I thought I would link to it for you here.

When I think of grounding, I think start from the ground up with your feet. 🙂 video

Speaking of Feet, remember the Connective Tissue Videos and the Connective Tissue video for your Feet.

Also the Toes Class from the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Series.

The Monday Root Chakra Class from the Chakra Series is also very grounding.

The Annamaya Kosha video from our Kosha series is another great choic.

The very start of the Free Namaste Yoga class for migraine class there is a grounding meditation and in fact this whole class is incredibly grounding even though it is for migraines. 🙂

I think that gives you lots of videos to work with Peige! 🙂

As far as food, I would definitely ask Linda from our membership community 🙂
She is creating recipes for Namaste Yoga and would be happy to put something together for you.

That being said, root vegetables are very grounding: Think carrots, daikon, parsnip, celery root, yam, cassava, ginger root (also warming) onions.

Here is Linda’s section on the membership site: click here

Her white bean soup with kale and celery root would be warming and grounding. 🙂

Namaste, Melissa




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