Hidden Trail & Waterfall Vancouver Island | Chasing Waterfalls Series – Vlog 132

by Melissa West on

Hidden Trail & Waterfall

As part of our chasing waterfalls series, we decided to be a little more adventurous and seek out some hidden gems on Vancouver Island. I had come across a blog that featured some hidden waterfalls between Parksville and Courtney:  Blog Post Here

While we were in the Parksville area, we decided to check out Triple falls.

This vlog was a fun adventure right from the beginning. We found the trail at the bottom of a residential cul de sac using the directions on the website. From there we followed their directions through pretty wooded areas into a quiet, peaceful and secluded area. In our previous vlog at gorgeous Englishman River falls there were quite a few tourists enjoying the attraction. Here at Triple falls, we were the only people and so it was quite special.

As with some of our other waterfall vlogs in dry season, there was not much of a waterfall to see here in September. It would be interesting to return later in autumn or winter to see the difference. However, the short hike did not disappoint because it was so quiet, peaceful, serene and so off the beaten path.

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