How to balance Kapha Energy

by Melissa West on

Today’s question comes from Paola Arriaga Guerrero from FACEBOOK

Hi Melissa!!!!
Hope this finds you well. I’ve been following your podcast for half a year now and my life has really improved in many aspects. Now I am to really start living my Yoga through practices like Ayurveda and hopefully I will get more into Kundalini. Today I practiced with the episode 116 about Ayurveda and the 5 elements and have a doubt, it seems I am kapha according to Dr. David Frawley’s website and your description, but you mentioned that Kapphas should not work in a cold weather. I really enjoy the cold weather and in fact, I am about to move into a place that has long periods with cold weather, so I was wondering what could I do to level or balance my Kappha energy when I live in this new place? It is important for me because I intent to stay and live in this place for a long time.

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What can Paola do to balance her Kapha dosha in the cold weather?

  1. exercise
  2. get involved in creative projects
  3. use the neti pot to stop the buildup of mucus in your body
  4. use a dry brush to stimulate circulation in your body
  5. avoid heavy food, especially dairy which causes the buildup of mucus in your body
  6. Check out books by David Frawley and Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health for more details on how to balance your Kapha Dosha

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