Help! My Neck, Shoulders and Knees Hurt! How to Modify Melting Heart Yin Yoga Pose

by Melissa West on

Modify Melting Heart

If your neck, shoulders or knees hurt in melting heart yin yoga pose or anahatasana then the modifications offered in this short video will be of benefit for you. In this short yin yoga pose video on melting heart pose we will discuss the benefits of melting heart pose as well as the meridian lines affected. From there I will offer you modifications whether you experience knee pain, neck pain or shoulder pain. I will offer one modification for each issue. Additionally you will be given a modification that takes care of all three issues: knee, neck and shoulder pain. You will need a yoga bolster, blanket and meditation cushion for props.

One of the most frequent comments I hear is how uncomfortable heart melting pose is for people. So let’s talk about how to make it more comfortable.

This pose is intended to be a backbend for your middle and upper back. It also opens up your shoulders and softens your heart.


The pose affects your urinary bladder line with the compression along the back of your spine.

If you feel stress in your chest, then this pose stimulates the stomach and spelen meridians.

I always think of this pose most affecting the arm meridians, specifically the heart and lung meridians.


So let’s look at modifying this pose for your comfort.


If your knees are uncomfortable you can place a folded blanket underneath them.


If shoulder pain prevents your arms from extending overhead, then move your shoulders further apart in this pose. If you feel pinching in the backs of the shoulders, then you may be reaching a compression point. Moving them further apart may also relieve this.

Neck Issues:

You can place a bolster under your chest to lift the ground. This may need to be two bolsters, or something to create more height under your bolster. Whatever it takes to create enough height so that there is ease in your neck and it can free float.

Change your Orientation to Gravity

Alternatively you can build yourself a posture that is similar to melting heart but in a different orientation to gravity so that there isn’t so much weight pouring through your neck, shoulders and knees. Place the bolster under your chest, meditation under your head and lengthen your arms overhead. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground. Voila, upside down melting heart pose.

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Namaste, Melissa


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