How to Sit Cross Legged

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Advice for sitting cross legged

Advice-for-sitting-cross-leggedHi I’m Dr. Melissa West Welcome to Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa
Props Needed: Blocks

Today we have a question from Ellen from Facebook 🙂

Ellen from Facebook says:

Hello I have been doing your beginner videos every day for about 3 weeks now, and really enjoying them. Do you have any advice for how to sit cross-legged? I cannot put my legs down horizontally, my legs look like a V and it’s uncomfortable…

Thanks Ellen, this is a great question.

The first thing I would recommend is to fill the space between your knees and the ground to project your knee joints and your SI (sacroiliac) joints. You can do that with a couple of cushions or yoga blocks.

To make is easier to sit, means improving the range of motion in your hip joints, especially the external rotators in your hips.

Today I will show you a few yoga moves to help you with that.

Show: warm up hip joint with windshield wipers, show keyhole, then pigeon

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Today’s question to leave in the comments is, how to you modify your seated meditation pose when you are uncomfortable?

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