How to Improve Your Eyesight with Yoga | 30 Day New Year Challenge | Day 22

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Improve Your Eyesight with Yoga

In day 22 of our 30 day yoga challenge I am going to show you 6 yoga eye exercises to improve your eyesight. Because we spend so much time looking at computer screens we need yoga for healthy eyes now more than ever. These 6 eye exercises will help to improve your vision naturally and help you have healthy eyes. These are simple yoga exercises you can do anywhere without any equipment.

We will begin with a yoga exercise to relax your eyes from all the visual overstimulation that happens from looking at computer screens for hours a day. This will help to counteract the stress response in your body so that you can be calmer and less anxious. Your eyes will be more relaxed and your vision will be improved. The following five eye simple yoga exercises to improve your vision will combine eye movements and hand movements. Each one balances the muscles of the eyes, improves the power of the eyes and increases your eyesight.

Before I show the best yoga poses to increase your vision I want to point you to some additional resources.


1 hour Yoga Video How to Improve Eyesight with Yoga: Click Here
6 min Eye Yoga Video with eye yoga exercises and their benefits

Now more than ever it is important to focus on the health of our eyes. Because we spend so much time focusing on screens, the visual cortex of our brain is overstimulated and our eyes are constantly moving trying to focus. Yoga actually slows the synaptic firings of the neocortex and promotes a parasympathetic response in your body, in other words rest and digest.

We can relieve your eyes right now from their overstimulation with an eye yoga exercise called palming.


  • Rub hands together until they become hot – place over eyelids without any pressure
  • Feel warmth and energy being transmitted into your eyes and your eye muscles relaxing.
  • Eyes bathed in soothing darkness
  • Hands remain until heat from hands has been absorbed by your eyes
  • Feel the nourishment, comfort, support, and the health of your eyes improving

Benefits: relaxes and revitalizes eye muscles, helps to improve vision, promotes the health of your eyes.

Sideways Viewing:

  • Raise your arms to the sides at shoulder height, keep them straight
  • point the thumbs up, thumbs in peripheral vision
  • head faces forward
  • inhale in the center up to 3rd eye, exhale to left thumb, inhale to center, exhale to right thumb
  • repeat 10 xs

Benefits: relaxes tension of eye muscles from reading strain and computer eye strain, prevents and corrects squinting

Front and Sideways Viewing:

  • Left thumb in front, right thumb to right of body
  • inhale look up to 3rd eye, exhale to thumb in front, inhale up to 3rd eye, exhale to thumb on right
  • switch so thumb goes out to left

Benefits: improves coordination of medial and lateral muscles of eyes

Rotational Viewing:

  • Circle right thumb 5xs clockwise, 5xs counterclockwise
  • inhale upper arc of circle, exhale lower arc of circle

Benefits: restores balance in muscles surrounding eyes, improves coordinated activities of both eyeballs

Up and Down Viewing:

Raise and lower right and left thumb
5xs with each thumb
inhale while raising eyes
exhale while lowering eyes

Benefits: balances upper and lower eyeball muscles

Nasikagra Drishti:

bring thumb to tip of nose and straighten arm out – keep focusing on thumb tip
Breath in as thumb is drawn in towards nose
Retain while holding thumb at nose tip
Breathe out as arm is straightened

Benefits: Improves focusing power of eye muscles

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