It’s my Birthday Victoria! Vlog 53

by Melissa West on

It’s my Birthday

We started our week in Sooke with a little walk while Trinity warmed up for soccer and Tim flew the drone. We soaked up some of the beautiful B.C. coast. Love your imperfections, they are perfectly imperfect, just like in nature.

Friday afternoon it was snowing. We had lunch at The Roost. We went out and got vegetables and fruit from the farms and tea. This week was an incredibly full week of filming. We released seven new soft foam roller classes to our membership community.

I am also doing two collaborations on my friend Christina’s channel, Chriska yoga. I am doing some shoulder classes and shoulder tutorials for shoulder pain on Christina’s channel. Christina is going to be doing an introduction to Yoga Flow on my channel. Check out Christina’s channel here:

I am just thrilled to be able to collaborate with yoga teachers on YouTube who are teaching in a grounded and intelligent way who are as concerned about keeping you safe with their instruction as I am.

On Saturday, by request, I showed you some mixed media art I have been doing. This was a lesson from Lifebook by a fabulous artist called, Wendy Brightbill. You can find her here:

I am incredibly grateful to her for teaching me to appreciate watercolor!

I’m so thrilled to be collaborating with Christina from Chriska yoga this week. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be collaborating with Yoga professionals from YouTube who are grounded, intelligent, knowledgeable and are living their yoga.

Thank you for being you and for supporting meaningful content on YouTube! We appreciate you!

Namaste, Melissa


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