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by Melissa West on

Today’s question comes to us from Facebook and Michele asks,

Kid-Friendly-SmoothieHi Melissa … Happy Monday! Just hanging in Huntington still enjoying all your videos and posts. I have another question … I know you have a daughter about the same age as my son and was wondering if you have any kid-friendly tips I can try to incorporate. Nico loves his fruits and vegetables, and in general is a good eater, but he doesn’t much like to “combine” anything so hasn’t been interested in trying any of our juices or smoothies. Just curious … Have a great week! Michele

This is a great question and I have had a lot of requests for a kid friendly smoothie and so today I thought I would bring you one of Trinity’s favourite kid-tested smoothies that she created on her own.

First of all we let her try a whole bunch of different protein powders until she found one that she liked. Her favourite is Vega Sport Performance Protein Vanilla.
I love it too because of the ingredients. It is dairy, gluten and soy free and contains no added sugar. It is a plant-based protein powder that is alkaline forming in your body. Also and here is what I love most about it since we are all vegans in our house, it has 25 g of protein, so I know she is getting a huge hit a protein first thing in the morning before she heads out to take on her day. The Institute of Medicine encourages children ages 9 to 13 to eat at least 34 grams of protein every day. So I know she is going to make up that other 9 grams of protein in the plants, legumes, nuts and seeds she eats through the rest of the day. I will link to a post that goes over protein requirements for children: Link

Let me add a tip for this protein powder. I will add it to pancakes when I am making pancakes for Tim and Trinity on the weekends. This gives an otherwise serious carb-hit a protein nutritional punch. They never even noticed the first time I did it and I had to ask them if they noticed a difference in the taste.

So let’s get on to Trinity’s kid friendly smoothie Recipe:

  • 2 cups of ice
  • add in 1-1 and 1/2 cups of almond milk
  • 5 drops of vanilla stevia
  • 1 scoop of vanilla Vega Sport Performance Protein
  • Blend on ice cap setting on blendtec
  • Then add 1/8 cup of non-dairy chocolate chips and pulse but don’t blend chocolate chips completely!

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