Yoga with Melissa 55: Listening with Our Whole Body: Emotions

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa is about Emotions. This yoga class continues our series on listening with our whole bodies. Our emotions are fluid and always changing. We can have a huge range of experience with emotions from anger to apathy, boredom, guilt, shame, hatred, fear, confusion, jealousy, envy, panic, sadness, grief, depression, contentment and joy. In this yoga class we will tune into our emotions and listen to them as part of our experience.

The yoga postures in this class focus on hip openers. Our hips are the seat of our emotions. We also open up our heart centers and side body to explore the full range of emotions from sadness to joy that are present in our heart centres. When we come to standing we practice breath of joy pranayama to connect with our joy.

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