Valentines Special: 15 min Vinyasa Flow Chest Opener with special guest Mary O’Meara

by Melissa West on

15 min Vinyasa Flow

Today, we have a special guests on Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa, Mary O’Meara from O’M Yoga with Mary O’Meara. Vinyasa Flow yoga is about connecting our breath to our postures. It is a dynamic style of yoga that allows us to find a moving meditation while transforming our mind, body, and soul. In this 15 minute chest opening Vinyasa Flow class, we work on stretching and warming up the chest and shoulders. We create energy as we flow linking breath to movement, while building heat from the inside out. Fun block work builds strength in the arms, while creating stability in the shoulders. Combining all of this, we will find our way warmly into our peek posture of Camel, Ustrasana, which is one of the biggest chest openers we can do! We will pair the use of essential oils (not required) to open our heart center even more on an energetic level. Whether we work with the emotional blend Joy to balance our heart center and lift our emotions, or RC to work with the physical aspect of deepening our capacity for breath, we will feel lighter and more expansive.

In Mary’s classes, she focuses on the mind, body, emotion, spirit connection. Mary believes that where there is dis-ease within the body, there is an emotional root connected to it. The more we can clean these roots out, and keep them flowing, the less dis-ease we will have within the body. Her classes will build physical strength all the while creating space for our souls to shine brighter as we clear out the “junk”. Her use of essential oils is intentional, to empower us to live feeling as we are meant to, healthy and happy. She uses oils that were created with the highest intention in mind, as well as knowing the farmer. Mary will guide you on a journey to live an empowered life with every system in the body, from immune function to hormone function. Release emotions, find freedom, feel good!

Mary lives in Los Angeles, California, her YouTube journey began almost 2 years ago when she realized that yoga was meant for the world, not just to be confined within the walls of a studio! She has found such a passion for sharing her practice and teachings with the world. She didn’t know she could love teaching as much as she does today! Mary posts weekly on O’M Yoga, more often than not you will find them on Monday mornings, for Mary Mondays of course! She offers a wide variety of classes, from 15 minutes up to 60, there will never be an excuse of “not enough time” with her channel. Her classes are filled with options, new will not feel left behind and advanced practitioners will not be bored, pick the layer that works best for you. Her yoga will leave you feeling invigorated, strong, empowered, and relaxed (after savasana of course!).

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